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The Dashboard

Search, view, order, and share projects, reports, and site selections from the Transect Dashboard.

The Dashboard serves as a home base for your projects and reports, projects and reports that have been shared with you, your site selections, and company-shared site selections.  You can also quickly access Map and order reports from the main toolbar.

The Dashboard includes a Project table and a Site Selection table. From the project table, you can search for your projects or projects that have been shared with you, create and view a Transect Report, see a snapshot of Report concern levels, manage project permissions, and delete.

From the Site Selection table, you can search for your site selections or site selections that have been shared with you. There is a quick link to view them in Map, and you can also manage permissions.

  1. Search for a Project
  2. View a Project in Map
  3. View a Report
  4. Share a Project
  5. Order a Report

Search for a Project

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View Project in Map

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View Reports

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Share Projects

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Order a Report 

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