Concern Levels

This section tells you what resource types are important within the report by assigning a high, medium, or low level of concern for four main topics:

  • Species: Statutorily-protected federal and state species
  • Waters: Wetlands, streams, rivers, floodplains, etc.
  • Protected Areas: Lands owned or managed by federal, state, tribal, local, and other entities

The three topics above encompass the many of the resources protected by the federal, state, and local regulations that are assessed by Transect.

We also provide one concern level that is not directly related to natural resources:

  • Environmental Compliance: A preliminary understanding of potential hazardous and contamination issues

The environmental compliance information provided by Transect is intended to give the user a preliminary understanding of potential environmental contamination issues that may affect the economics, placement, or scheduling of a project. The environmental compliance information provided by Transect should not be relied upon for environmental compliance due diligence and does not replace a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

Each topic has three components:

  • High, medium, or low concern level: Determined based on the presence or absence of certain data within the project and the answers to the context questions
  • Next steps: Recommendations for next steps based on the concern level
  • Snapshot: A summary of the data used to generate the concern level

The species topic has one additional component:

  • Recommendations: Species-specific recommendations and/or next steps