Sharing a Report

Learn how to invite someone else to view your Transect Report

There are two ways that you can share reports:

  1. Share individual reports by email to anyone inside or outside of your company
  2. Automatically share all reports with all users in your company

Also, check out this quick video of how to share individual reports.

At this time, you can share reports with anyone inside or outside of your organization, regardless of if they have a current Transect subscription. 

Share by Email

Transect Reports are easy to share with anyone inside or outside of your organization.

  1. In your report, click on the Sharing & Export tab on the left-hand navigation column.
  2. Scroll the bottom of the page to Invite Users, and type in the email address of the person you want to share the report with.
  3. Select to add them as a Viewer or an Admin (see Add As definitions below).

The invited user does not have to be an active Transect user or subscriber to view your report. If the invitee does not already have a Transect account, the invitee will receive an email with a link to the report you want to share and will be prompted to create a free Transect account to view your report.

Also remember that you can share a report as many times as you want, so share away!

"Add As" Definitions

Add as Admin: Adding a contact as an Admin lets them share the report with others, change the context questions, and add Admin notes.

Add as Viewer: Adding a contact as a Viewer lets them view the report only. They cannot share, change report context, or add Admin notes.

How to Share Individual Reports (Video)


Automatically Share All Reports with Your Team

Transect allows company administrators to set your company default settings to automatically share all Transect Reports with everyone else on your company team.  

When this is enabled, all Customer Users will be automatically added as a user of future Reports that created by fellow Customer Users.

Want to share all past/existing reports with all of your Company Users? Use our chat widget or email to submit your request.

To change the setting:

Navigate to profile settings in the top right corner of the tool, then use the dropdown menu to find Manage Account to be taken to the Customer Account page.

At the bottom of the Customer Account page, you will find Customer Report Sharing Settings. Toggle to Enabled to turn this feature on.