Project Level Permissions

Learn about the different permissions for Owner, Collaborator, and Viewer project roles

Permissions are managed at the project level*. There are three project roles: Owner, Collaborator, and Viewer. A user who creates a project is automatically assigned as the Owner.

Current permission settings for a project can be viewed and edited from the Sharing button on Dashboard > Projects or My Portfolio, from the Sharing tab in the associated Transect Report, or from the Sharing tab in the Manage modal in the mapping tool.

*Unless global sharing settings are set to share all projects with all company users.

Want to share all of your company's projects with all users? Company Admins can manage global sharing settings from the Manage Account page.

  Owner Collaborator Viewer
Project Permissions
View a Project X X X
Delete a Project X    
Share a Project X X  
Update User Roles X X  
Change Ownership X    
Edit Project Shape X    
Report Permissions
Order a Report for an Existing Project X X  
View Report X X X
Export PDF* X X  
Export KML* X X  
Generate Buildable Areas X X X
Edit Context Questions X X  
Edit Executive Summary Concern Levels X X  
Override Regulations or Permits X X  
Change Species Concern Levels X X  
Purchase Marketplace Items X X  
Edit Report Notes on Essentials Tab X X  

*These features are not included in all subscriptions.