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Our parcel filter tool helps you find the right parcels of land for your next project. You can filter by:

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Setting Search Boundaries

If your use case involves exporting landowner information, you must define a boundary for your parcel search. You can do this by uploading a kml boundary, defining a point, drawing a polygon, drawing a line, or selecting a map item. Once you've created your boundary, hit "Apply" to lock it in!

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Proximity to transmission Infrastructure

We understand that the cost of a project can increase with distance from transmission infrastructure. The Proximity parcel filter allows you to sort parcels by distance (in miles), Voltage, and Line Owner.   After you enter your criteria, select to apply, and the parcel will be filtered nearly instantly.

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Parcel size 

Depending on your goals, we know the number of acres matters, especially when finding an anchor landowner. The parcel size filter allows you to filter based on minimum or max parcel size. 

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After selecting the size, click the apply button and watch your parcels filter down to your specifications. 


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Once you filter based on name, address, or parcel number, select "apply." to lock it in. 

Buildable Area

Once you define a search area and the min/max parcel sizes you seek, the tool provides a subset parcel data layer. You can then further filter parcels using a set of predetermined exclusions to derive buildable areas like slope, presence of floodplains, etc. From there, you can filter further by selecting min buildable area inside a parcel or the percentage of the buildable area of a parcel. Once you have your selections in place, hit "apply" to lock it in your search. 
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More: Show parcels within Energy Communities 

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You can filter your parcel search by limiting parcels within energy communities, protected areas, cleanup sites, or within current American Indian/Alaska Native Hawaiian Areas. Then select "apply." to lock it in.

Save, Share, and Download landowner information.

To save your search, select "save search" and name it. Then if you want to share it with your colleagues, toggle on "Share with the company.

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Then you can export both spreadsheets and a KML of the filter parcels to continue your greenfield efforts.

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Once you have found the right collection of parcels for your project, you can export them to a Project to share with others or create a Transect Report.