Methods to search for a project site

Kick off your site selection search by using a lat/long, address, or parcel size

When you want to start looking for a new project in the map, there are several tools available to help you narrow down your search: the address search bar, the latitude/longitude search bar, and the parcel size filter.

  • Search by address
  • Search by latitude, longitude
  • Filter by parcel size

Search by address

To search by address, type in the address to the white search bar in the top right corner of Vision. 

Search by latitude/longitude

To search by latitude/longitude, click on the signpost icon to the right of the address search bar to toggle on the latitude/longitude search bar. Type or copy/paste the latitude into the lefthand box, and the longitude into the right hand box. Don't forget to add the (-) in front of the longitude! Press 'Go' once you are done entering your coordinates to zoom to the location.

Search by parcel size

  1. Pan to an area on the map or use the address or lat/long search bars to find a region where you want to find parcels of a certain size
  2. Turn on the parcel data layer (parcels only show up on the map if you are zoomed in to a certain scale, so keep zooming in until they appear)
  3. Click the paint palette icon on the parcel data layer name to expose the parcel size selection tool
  4. Type your desired minimum and maximum parcel sizes into the left and right boxes, respectively,
  5. Transect will filter the parcels accordingly in real time.

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