Managing Projects in the Map Tool

Learn how to zoom to, share, collaborate, style, edit, and delete a project in the Manage window.

Once you have created a project in the map, several tools are available for interacting with the project in the Manage Window.

Image 5-6-2022 at 11.23 AM (1)

Zoom to a project

To find a project on the map, use the zoom tool to pan to the project. The zoom tool is in the toolset to the right of the project name. 

Look for this icon:Image 5-6-2022 at 9.39 AM

Zoom to Project

Sharing a project

To share a project with another Transect user on your team, open the manage window by hovering and clicking on the project, and the Manage window will appear.  Then navigate to the Sharing tab in the Manage window, and select the members and project permissions. 

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Collaborate on a project

Select Comments in the Manage Window and add a comment to share with your team to collaborate on a project. 

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Style a project

To style, a project, click on the color in the bottom right of the Manage window and select your desired boundary color for your outline.  Click save, and your project boundary color will update.

Screen Recording 5-6-2022 at 10.54 AM

Edit a Project

To edit a project shape, select edit shape and click on project boundary and align the new boundary by dragging points of the polygon. 
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Delete a project

To delete a project, select the three dots to the right of the project name and click delete. 

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Note that deleting a project associated with a Transect Report will also delete the Transect Report. A popup warning will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the project and its associated report.