Quick Start Guide: Map

Learn the basics to get started with the mapping tool in Transect.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Search by address, lat/long, or parcel size

When you want to start looking for a new project in the map tool, there are several tools available to help you narrow down your search: the address search bar, the latitude/longitude search bar, and the parcel size filter.

Search by address

To search by address, type in your address to the white search bar in the top right corner of the map.

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Search by latitude/longitude

To search by latitude/longitude, click on the signpost icon to the right of the address search bar to toggle on the latitude/longitude search bar. Type or copy/paste the latitude into the lefthand box, and the longitude into the right-hand box. Don't forget to add the (-) in front of the longitude! Press 'Go' once you are done entering your coordinates to zoom to the location.

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Search by parcel size

  1. Pan to an area on the map or use the search bars to find a region where you searching for parcel sizes.
  2. Turn on the parcel data layer (parcels only show up on the map if you are zoomed in to a certain scale, so keep zooming in until they appear)
  3. Click the fillter icon on the parcel data layer name to expose the parcel size selection tool
  4. Type your desired minimum and maximum parcel sizes into the left and right boxes, respectively,
  5. Transect will filter the parcels accordingly in real time.

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Click here to learn more about parcel data.

View Map Layer Details

The map layers widget is pre-populated with many interesting datasets, like wetlands, transmission lines, parcels, county boundaries, and many many more.

  • To turn on a data layer: Click in the empty box next to the layer name.
  • To view description and reference information for a data layers: Click the "i" button to the right of the layer name.
  • To view the details of any shape within the data layer: use your mouse to RIGHT CLICK on the data on the map.

Start a New Project

A project is a polygon or line, or a collection of polygons or lines, that delineates on the map an area of land that is of interest to you. 

Start by finding the Start a New Project widget in the top left hand side of the map.

Once you have found an area or parcel you are interested in delineating, use the tools in this widget to create a project in one of the following ways:

  1. Use the freehand drawing tools (Draw Polygon, Draw Line)
  2. Use 'Quick Parcel Select' to select one or more parcels from our parcel data layer
  3. Upload your own file in a KML or KMZ format

Use the Freehand Drawing Tool

Use this method if you want to freehand draw a project on the map.

The freehand drawing tools can be turned on by clicking on the Draw Polygon or Draw Line icons. Note that the Manage modal will pop up on lower right hand side of the screen.

To create a drawing, click anywhere on the map to begin drawing. Each time you click, a vertex will be created. When you are done drawing, double click where you want place the final vertex. In the Manage modal, give your project a name and click Save or Save & Order Report to save the new drawing as a Project. The project will be added to the top of your list of projects in My Portfolio. 

Use Quick Parcel Select

You can use the parcel layer in Transect to create a project out of one or more parcel boundaries.

  1. In the Start a New Project widget, click on Quick Parcel Select.
  2. With your cursor, click on the parcel(s) you want to add to a new project. 
  3. Once you have selected all the parcels for the new project, use the Manage modal to name the project, then click on 'Save' or 'Save & Order Report'. The project will be added to the top of your list of projects in My Portfolio.

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Upload a KML or KMZ

You can create a new project in the map tool using your own KML or KMZ file. 

  1. Navigate to the Start a New Project widget
  2. Select 'Upload KML'
  3. In the browser window, find the KML or KMZ you want to upload and click Open.
  4. In the Manage modal, give your project a name and click 'Save' or 'Save & Order Report'. The project will be added to the top of your list of projects in My Portfolio.

Order a Transect Report

To order a Transect Report from the map:

  1. Start a new Project by uploading KML, Quick Parcel Select, or Drawing a Polygon or Line
  2. The Manage modal will appear. Give your project a name.
  3. In the Manage tab, select 'Save & Order Report'. The Report Request window will appear.
  4. Follow the instructions to answer the context questions and click 'Order Report.' You can close the Report Request window. You will get an in-app and email notification when your report is ready to view. 

    Image 4-20-2022 at 11.48 AM

Instant Parcel Search

The Instant Parcel Search tool helps you filter parcels in a geographic area using a set of predetermined filters. The resulting deliverable is a data layer of parcels that you can filter further by a set of preset filters, then export to a Project or create Transect Reports.

Here's how it works:

  1. You will start by clicking 'Parcel Filter' in the Start a New Project widget in the upper left corner of the screen. The Instant Parcel Search bar will appear just below the main toolbar.
    Image 2023-05-10 at 8.39.34 PM
  2. You can create a boundary by uploading a KML, drawing a polygon,  drawing Line(s) for linear projects,  and creating a radius around point(s), Quick Select Map items, or searching a county or city.
  3. Lock in your boundary by clicking "apply" You can always hit the clear filters to start from a clean slate. 
  4. You can make any desired selections to proximity to transmission infrastructure, parcel size, owner, buildable area, or energy communities.  Hitting "apply" after you have made each selection.  You can see the number of parcels that meet your criteria just to the right of the "clear filter" button.  
    Screen Recording 2023-05-10 at 07.54.48 PM (1)

  5. To save your search, select "save search" and name it. Then if you want to share it with your colleagues, toggle on "Share with the company.
    Image 2023-05-11 at 5.44.38 PM (1)
  6. Then you can export both spreadsheets and a KML of the filter parcels to continue your greenfield efforts.
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The Instant parcel search helps you find parcels and owners faster than ever before