Environmental Compliance

Find information on compliance- and enforcement-related information for EPA-regulated facilities

Note: The environmental compliance information provided by Transect is intended to give the user a preliminary understanding of potential environmental contamination issues that may affect the economics, placement, or scheduling of a project. The environmental compliance information provided by Transect should not be relied upon for environmental compliance due diligence and does not replace a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

Federal Compliance Records

The main data source used by Transect is the EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) dataset, which is a collection of EPA and state, local, and tribal environmental agency compliance and enforcement records that are reported into EPA national databases. Some of the detailed information provided includes: 

  • Permit data
  • Inspection/compliance evaluation dates and findings
  • Violations of environmental regulations
  • Enforcement actions
  • Penalties assessed

The Detailed EPA Facility Report can be viewed by clicking on the link in the column titled "Facility Report url."

More information on the EPA ECHO Database is available at: https://echo.epa.gov/resources/echo-data/about-the-data


The Environmental Compliance catalog is where results from state or local datasets related to environmental compliance issues are displayed. State or local datasets are included in Transect where they are available, and availability varies from state to state. 

A list of catalog datasets searched as part of the Transect Report is available in the Searched Catalog Items section of the Environmental Compliance report part.