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Explore additional services like zoning reports and environmental assessments through Transect's Marketplace.

Transect's Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for environmental services. As a Transect subscriber, you can easily order any of the following products and reports:

These services are only available for existing Transect subscribers. 

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Field Survey

ALTA surveys are specialized property boundary surveys that adhere to the strict standards developed by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are a foundational component of any real estate due diligence period and are necessary to obtain title insurance for any property as a buyer, seller, or owner.

ALTA surveys determine exact property lines, water boundaries, improvements, existing easements, encroachments, and other land-ownership elements, providing insight about both title conflicts and property elements.

You can order an ALTA or NSPS Land Title Field Survey directly from Transect's Marketplace. Transect partners with professional land surveyors and engineers who strictly adhere to Standard Detail Requirements to execute an ALTA Survey. 

Schedule of Delivery: 2 to 3 weeks

Local Environmental Regulations

Some city, township, and county jurisdictions have their own local regulations and permit requirements around natural resources protection that may affect the setbacks, timelines, or even a project's success. Transect incorporates a site-specific assessment of local natural resources rules and regulations into your Transect Report.

Transect's Specialists will conduct thorough research on local county and municipal codes and regulations related to natural resource constraints such as wetlands, protected species, vegetation, and historic resources.

These findings will be included in the Permit Matrix section of your Transect Report. The resulting regulations and permits are automatically included in future Transect Reports in the same geography.

Schedule of Delivery: 5-7 business days

Planning and Zoning Report

The Planning and Zoning report verifies both the jurisdiction and zoning designations of parcels within an Area of Interest (AOI) and determines if the property is subject to municipal or county zoning regulations. This service includes the preparation and delivery of a PDF report with local jurisdictional information on zoning, project type restrictions, and the procedure for obtaining local approval and permits for site construction.

Transect is responsible for providing the project type and a KML of the AOI to a third party to deliver this service. Customer names remain confidential throughout this process. All third-party contractors are bound by Transect's standard confidentiality agreement.

Schedule of Delivery: 7-10 business days

State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Records Search

The SHPO Records Search helps identify potential cultural resources on a developer's project including structures, archaeological sites, graveyards, and more. If a cultural resource is present within the AOI, then a SHPO is required in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. A SHPO Records Search will help you determine if there are any known, confidential archaeological sites to be evaluated for project impacts.

Each state’s SHPO is responsible for maintaining a confidential record of cultural resources survey locations and known cultural resource sites. These records differ from the publicly available records in the National Register of Historic Places. The records held by SHPO are confidential to discourage looting and vandalism, and detailed site information is only accessible to professional archaeologists on a project-by-project basis.

Transect has teamed with several regional, qualified archaeologists to ensure that our customers can obtain SHPO record information at a predictable, reasonable cost.

Transect is responsible for providing the project type and a KML of the AOI to a third party to deliver this service. Customer names remain confidential throughout this process. All third-party contractors are bound by Transect's standard confidentiality agreement.

Schedule of Delivery: ~2 to 3 weeks, varies by state 

Threatened and Endangered (T&E) Species Survey

A Threatened and Endangered Species survey involves researching species of concern and mobilizing specialized scientists to look for the presence of State or Federally protected species. The research involves understanding the species life-cycle characteristics and then surveying field conditions to determine the likelihood that the species exists within the AOI. 

Protected species can be a major hurdle for development. Rarer species receive stricter protection, potentially halting construction entirely. To avoid delays, developers should conduct early surveys of their development area (AOI) to identify any protected species or their habitat. If found, the project may need adjustments to minimize disruption to the species. 

Transect partners with specialized scientists and/or ecologists to complete the research fieldwork needed for the T&E Survey. 

Schedule of Delivery: ~Few weeks-months, dependent on the size and diversity of the parcel

Wetlands Delineation 

Wetland Delineation is that fieldwork that determines the boundary between uplands and wetlands on a property and follows the guidelines established by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). This report includes the delineation methods, findings, photographs, results, soils, hydrology and vegetation data, climate conditions during the survey, and other relevant information.

Wetland Delineation reports identify how much land is truly available for development based on the field mapping and are often required for both environmental permitting and de-risking a project. This report helps developers avoid wetland areas and/or evaluate the complexity and permitting that will be required for a specific AOI. 

Transect partners with subcontractors to complete the fieldwork needed for the Wetland Delineation. 

Schedule of Delivery: ~Few weeks-months, dependent on the size and diversity of the parcel

Phase 1 ESA

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) evaluates a parcel of land for potential contamination by hazardous substances or petroleum products, following the standard for Scope of Services set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

A Phase I ESA can help you achieve liability protection for your project by identifying potential environmental hazards before development begins. This allows a buyer to make an informed decision about the potential environmental risk associated with the purchase of the property. 

This report will include an Easy-To-Read Executive Summary with conclusions addressing the level of concern if Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) are identified. 

Transect partners with subcontractors to deliver a Phase 1 ESA in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-21. This report is the industry standard and accepted by lenders, investors, legal consultants, and land developers. 

Schedule of Delivery: ~2-3 weeks per industry standard.

The time to report delivery is dependent upon the complexity of property variables including; size, current use of parcel, surrounding land use, access, parcel location and availability of information provided by the property owner and/or tenant. 

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