Creating Custom PDF Maps

Create custom PDF maps using Transect data layers

Creating custom PDF maps for any Transect Report is easy to do by following the steps below.

  1. Open an existing Transect Report
  2. Expose the Transect Layers window using the data layer icon at the top of the report map
  3. Turn on the data layers that you are intersted in displaying on your PDF map. Turn off any layers that you do not want to display on your PDF map.
  4. Turn the data labels on and off by hovering over the layer, and clicking on the label on/off icon to the right of the layer name.
  5. Once you have the data layers showing in the map that you want on your PDF map, click Save as PDF Map at the bottom of the Transect Layers window.
  6. The Save Report Map box will pop up. Give your map a name, then click Save.
  7. Your map is now saved under Report Maps in the Sharing and Export tab of this report.
  8. Use the PDF Builder to include your map in a Transect Report PDF or to download the map by itself.