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What data is included?

A list of just a few of the hundreds of datasets we have.

We have hundreds of datasets in the platform, but we've listed a few here to give you an idea. 

  • Threatened and endangered species including, proprietary and agency-sourced species occurrences; designated critical habitat; probability zones; proprietary sub-county ranges; USFWS ECOS ranges; migratory bird and eagle locations; and, state protected species data.
  • Waterways and wetlands: National Hydrography Dataset, National Wetlands Inventory, 303(d) impaired waters, and navigable waters
  • State environmental agency areas of concern or permit required
  • Publicly available historic and cultural resources including cemeteries, historic districts, NRHP properties, etc.
  • Protected Areas Database: public and private lands
  • FEMA Flood Hazard Zones and FIRM panels
  • ECHO environmental compliance data
  • Setting data: vegetation, soils, geology, topography, watersheds, parcel boundaries, and more
  • Transect Catalog™, which houses other environmental and setting data, including sensitive aquifers, transportation, infrastructure, and more…