Site selection parcel filtering

Users can further filter site selection parcels using the filter tool

Following Transect's successful fulfillment of your site selection request, the dot next to the site selection layer name will turn green. When you click the box next to the layer name to turn the layer on, the map will zoom to your search area and outline it in dark green hash marks. Teal parcels will also show up within the search area. These parcels are the collection of parcels that meet the following requirements defined in your site selection request:

  • parcel acreage min/max
  • landowner dissolution preference

You can then further filter the parcels using a standard set of filters provided under the Filter icon to the right of the layer name. The parcels will turn on or off as the filters are adjusted.

Another way to find parcels in Vision is to use the Buildable Area feature during the site selection process. Learn more here.