Creating projects in Vision

Learn the 4 ways to create projects in Vision

Projects in Vision allows you to save a project boundary, give it a name, and use it in snapshots. A project is a polygon or line, or a collection of polygons or lines (also referred to as "geometries"), that delineates on the map an area of land that is of interest to you. You can have more than one shape (geometry) as part of a project.

You might create a very large, generalized project to denote your broad search area, or you might create a smaller, specific boundary representing a potential development site, or you might create a project for an area you want to avoid. You can create as many projects as you want in Vision, for any reason you want.

Once you have found an area or parcel you are interested in delineating, you can create a project in one of the following ways:

  1. Use the freehand drawing tool
  2. Use parcel data to 'Add Parcels to Project' 
  3. Upload your own file in a KML or KMZ format
  4. Populate from a Transect Report

Use the Freehand Drawing Tool to Create a Project

Use this method if you want to freehand draw a project on the map.

The freehand drawing tool can be turned on by clicking on the Drawing/Polygon button on the map toolbar. You mouse cursor will turn from a hand to a crosshairs to let you know you can begin drawing.

  • To draw, click anywhere on the map to begin drawing. Each time you click, a vertex will be created. When you are done drawing, double click where you want place the final vertex, then click away from drawing. The drawing will turn from orange to blue and can no longer be edited.
  • To edit an existing drawing, double click on the drawing so it turns orange and shows all of its vertices. Change the shape of the drawing by dragging the vertices. You can also click & drag in the middle of the drawing to relocate the drawing.  Click away from the drawing when you are done with your edits (the drawing will turn blue). 
  • To delete an existing drawing, click on it to edit (the drawing will turn orange), then click on the Trashcan icon just below the Polygon button to delete it, or use the delete button on your keyboard. Deleting a drawing cannot be undone.
  • To delete all drawn objects, use the Delete All Drawn Objects button.

  • When you are done with your drawing and ready to save it as a project, click on "Save Drawn Objects as Project" in the Project tab, give the project a name, and click Save.  The resulting project will be added to the top of the Projects tab.

Use Parcels to Create a Project

You can use the parcel layer in Transect to create a project out of one or more parcel boundaries.

  1. Navigate to the Layers tab in Vision, and turn on the parcel layer.
  2. Zoom in to the map until the parcels are visible.
  3. With your cursor, click on the parcel you want to use to create a project. In the resulting popup box for each parcel click on 'Add to Drawing/AOI.' The selected parcel will turn blue.
  4. Close the popup box.
  5. If you want to add more than one parcel to your project, repeat the process to select more parcels.
  6. To delete any selected parcels, single-click on the parcel you want to delete (it will turn orange). Then click on the Trashcan tool to delete it. To delete all the parcels, click the Delete All Drawn Objects button. Deleting cannot be undone. 
  7. When you are finished choosing the parcels you want, go to the Projects tab and click 'Save Drawn Objects as Project', give the project a name, and click Save.
  8. The resulting parcels will be added a project at the top of the Projects tab.

First, add to Drawing/AOI:

Then, save Drawn Objects as Project:

Upload a KML or KMZ to Create a Project

You can create a new project in Vision using your own KML or KMZ file. 

  1. Navigate to the Projects tab in Vision
  2. Below the Quick Filter, click the 'Upload Project as KML' link
  3. In the resulting browser window, find the KML or KMZ you want to upload and click Open.
  4. Give your project a name, and click Save. The project will be added to the top of your list of projects.

Populate from a Transect Report

When you create a Transect Report from the Dashboard, the AOI for the Transect Report is automatically populated into the Projects list in Vision.