Export a Transect Report as a PDF

Learn how to customize and export your Transect Report as a PDF with our PDF Builder

Not seeing the Sharing & Export tab in the report you are viewing? You must have Owner or Collaborator permissions in order to export or share a Transect Report. 

PDF Builder

Transect's PDF Builder allows you to create and export a tailored PDF from the results of your Transect Report. Here's how:

  1. Open an existing Transect Report
  2. Click on the Sharing & Export tab in the lefthand menu
  3. Under the section titled PDF, you will see three columns: Report Section, Report Maps, and PDF Builder. Transect has pre-populated standard report sections and report maps in the PDF Builder queue. If you want to use Transect's standard template PDF report sections and maps, skip to step 5.
  4. To customize the report sections and report maps in your PDF, drag and drop items from the Report Section and Report Maps columns into the PDF Builder. Drag items from the PDF Builder back into either the Report Section or Report Map columns to remove them from the PDF. Drag and drop items within the builder queue to reorder the items. The order the items are in will be reflected in the PDF output.
  5. Give your PDF a name in the Name field at the top of the PDF Builder.
  6. Click Generate PDF at the bottom of the builder.
  7. Your PDF will show as Pending in the Exported PDF Reports table below the PDF builder. Refresh your browser to see status changes.
  8. You will receive an email once your PDF is ready to download. Download your PDF from the email or use the download link in the Exported PDF Reports table.
  9. Each time a PDF is generated, it will be saved in the Exported PDF Reports table for future reference and use. You can return to this report tab to download previously generated PDFs at any time.

Using PDF Templates

  1. After customizing a PDF to your specifications, select Save As Template
  2. Name your template and select Continue. This template will be available to you across all of your Transect Reports (other users on your account are not able to use your templates).
  3. To select from saved templates, click on Use Templates and select template.
  4. To delete a template, click on Use Template and then click on the trashcan icon.

Want to create a custom map to include in your PDF? Learn to create PDF maps here.

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Don't want to customize your PDF? No worries, we have preloaded a standard report in the PDF Builder queue. Just proceed directly to "Generate PDF" to get our standard PDF export.