Slope and aspect baselayers

Learn more about and see a legend for the slope and aspect baselayers in your report.

Slope and aspect maps are provided as two of the baselayers in Transect Reports.

To view them, navigate to the baselayer dropdown in the top lefthand corner of the Report map, and select which layer you would like to view.

Slope is the maximum rate of change in elevation over a distance.

Aspect is the direction the plane faces.

Source: USGS 3D Elevation Program.


The slope baselayer is represented by a colormap that represents flat surfaces as gray, shallow slopes as light yellow, moderate slopes as light orange and steep slopes as red-brown:

Source: ESRI

The aspect baselayer hows the aspect (direction) and degree (steepness) of slope for a terrain (or other continuous surface). Aspect categories are symbolized using hues (e.g., red, orange, yellow, etc.) and degree of slope classes are mapped with saturation (or brilliance of color) so that the steeper slopes are brighter:

Source: ESRI

Looking for more?

Transect can conduct slope calculations for your Transect Report as part of our Additional Services. Learn more here.