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How often is Transect data updated?

Learn how regulations, permits, and data are all kept up to date and accurate in Transect.

The backbone of Transect is great data, so we work hard to make sure it is accurate and current. Transect data sources are updated in accordance with the original source's update schedule. Whether it be FEMA floodplain data, species locations, parcel data, or EPA-regulated site data, each source agency or organization varies in the frequency of their updates. These may be monthly, quarterly, annually, or longer.  Our team uses a combination of notification and tracking methods and technology to closely monitor when changes, updates, or data versioning occurs, and we update the information within our platform accordingly.  We typically make the necessary changes in our platform within 24-48 hours of the data changing at the source. We want to be absolutely transparent about the data in your report, so you can always find the source data details in the Reference section of each Transect Report.

We are also constantly monitoring and tracking the ever-evolving regulatory environment. When new environmentally-related Executive Orders, rules, or laws are passed (or rolled back) that could affect your project, we add the regulation and any associated permits into the system within 24-48 hours (and often write up a blog post about it, too). 

We also take data requests from our subscribers! If there is a particular data set of interest to you, drop us a line, and we'll do everything we can to add it to Transect for you (and, of course, we'll monitor it for updates!).