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How is a Transect Report different than a Phase I ESA?

No, Transect is not a hazardous materials database report.

Transect is not a Phase I ESA and does not provide the same information found in a Phase I ESA.  A Phase I ESA searches for issues related to hazardous contamination liabilities and is conducted in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-13.  However, it should be noted that Transect does provide many of the same datasets used to produce a Phase I ESA, providing early visibility on things like voluntary cleanup sites, underground storage tanks, etc.

Transect's focus is on searching for risk associated with natural resources issues like wetlands, endangered species, historic resources, protected areas, etc., in accordance with the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, National Historic Preservation Act, National Environmental Policy Act, respectively (these are just the most-well recognized rules – we assess dozens of state and federal environmental rules for each project). Check out our blog post on this topic here.