The project is a Google Earth KML or KMZ that has lots of different lines, polygons, and/or points, but none or only one of them is showing when you hit 'Save Geometry.'

  1. Ensure that your file includes only one geometry type: either all lines or all polygons. Points are generally not supported in the uploader.
  2. Ensure that all of your geometries are in ONE folder when opened in Google Earth. Transect cannot support KML or KMZ files with subfolders. To move your files into one folder, open your files in Google Earth, create a new folder, and drag/drop your line or polygon files into it. Right click on the folder name to 'Save Place As' to your desktop or project folder, and use this saved file in your Upload on the Projects Page in Transect. An example of an appropriate Google Earth folder structure is shown in the red box below:

You are getting a self-intersection error when you hit 'Save Geometry'.

This is because the file you are trying to upload has lines crossing other lines, which confuses Transect. You can either 1: untangle the polygons or lines yourself using a free program like Google Earth, or 2: notify us using the help widget that you would like for us to fix it, and we will!

The project just won't upload, no matter what you try.
Intersecting geometries (i.e. lines crossing other lines), invalid geometries, and an unrealistic amount of vertices are common issues that cause errors in the upload process. No worries, just notify us that you're having issues using the help widget, and we'll upload it for you right away.

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