Create a new Transect Report

  1. Go to the Projects page
  2. Click the Create Project button
  3. Fill out project name and tracking number (if applicable)
  4. Click the Upload button in the Map Toolbar and browse to your project file, or drag a file from your desktop or another folder into the Upload area
  5. Once the file upload is complete, your project boundary should appear on the map. If any errors occur, they should be outlined for you.
  6. Click Save Geometry
  7. Answer the context questions to help tailor your report results
  8. To complete your order, select Order Report Now and continue though the prompts.

If you have any issues at all uploading a project or creating a report, contact us using our help widget or at [email protected].

Currently Supported File Formats

KML, KMZ, and SHP files.

Note: All Shapefiles (SHP) must be imported with the projection set to WGS84 / SRID 4326.

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