Buildable Area Layers in Vision

Quickly find parcels with the right buildable acreage for your next project with site selection's buildable area layer

This article will show you how to:

1. Access the Buildable Area request during Site Selection
2. Set Exclusion Preferences
3. Quickly select parcels that meet your buildable acreage requirement


A Buildable Area is the portion of a parcel that is available for you to place the actual footprint of your project.  For instance, you might purchase or lease a 1,000-acre site, but if 500 acres are covered by floodplains or forested wetlands - environmental constraints that you don't want to build on - then only 500 acres are actually "buildable."

Our Buildable Area form in Vision's Site Selection flow allows you to define the landscape characteristics that you don't want to build on (we call them exclusion areas) in order to find parcels that have approximately the right "buildable" acreage you need for your project.

Step 1: Add the Buildable Area Layer to your Site Selection Request

First, start a new site selection request. To add a buildable area layer to the request, toggle the "Display Buildable Area with Site Selection" on at the bottom of the New Site Selection Request window. Once selected, additional options to customize your buildable area will appear below.

Step 2: Set Exclusion Preferences

Specify your exclusion preferences. Exclusion areas are the landscape and/or site characteristics that you do not want to build on (i.e. that you want to be excluded from the buildable area layer). When you are finished setting your exclusion area options, click Save to submit your site selection request.

Step 3: View your Buildable Area Layer

Once you have been notified that your site selection request is complete, view your buildable area layer by expanding the filter button of your site selection layer and ensuring that "Show Buildable Areas?" is toggled on. Buildable areas in the dark blue layer that populates underneath the teal parcels layer.

Step 4: Choose Parcels with Quick Select

Now you can quickly select parcels to compile your targeted buildable acres.

  1. Slide the Quick Parcel Select to on.  You will see a green outline appear around the map.
  2. Start selecting parcels and watch your total developable acres go up on the acres counter.
  3. Once you have selected the parcels that meet your buildable acreage requirement, you can save your group of parcels as a Project to share it with others on your team or run a Transect Report.

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